Moran registers as a lobbyist for his top donors

Jim Moran made a career out of pay-to-play schemes, raking in campaign cash in exchange for political favors. Now he’s making a second career as a lobbyist playing the same corrupt game – lobbying for the companies that donated to him while he was in office.

Congressional ethics rules bar former members from registering as lobbyists for one year after they leave Congress. Like clockwork, Moran has officially registered as a lobbyist just over a year after he left office in January 2015.

Moran has filed to lobby on behalf of Boeing and General Dynamics, defense contractors with whom Moran worked closely during his time on the powerful House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. Boeing and General Dynamics are both on the list of the top 20 donors to Moran over his congressional career.

Boeing and its employees gave $156,000 to Moran over his career, making them his 3rd highest all-time donor. General Dynamics and its employees gave $75,600 to Moran, making them his 12th highest all-time donor.

Is anyone the least bit surprised that Moran is cashing in this way? Moran scratches defense contractors’ backs, they scratch his. That’s been the game for years. Moran built his career on corruption, going all the way back to his time on the Alexandria City Council and running through his entire tenure in Congress. Now his legacy of corruption continues into his new career as a lobbyist.


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