Moran: Don’t take away my pension!

The Hill reported on a bipartisan proposal by members of Congress to remove former members’ taxpayer-funded pension. Jim Moran’s taxpayer-funded pension earns him over $100,000 a year. This is just a bonus compared to the untold hundreds of thousands he’s already raking in from a lobbying firm, two oil companies, and the government of Azerbaijan. From The Hill:

“Recently retired Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), who went to work for McDermott Will & Emery as a senior legislative adviser last month, told The Hill he would ‘probably’ become a lobbyist after the one-year ban expires.

He plans to work on causes he fought for as a legislator, including the environment, clean energy policy and ‘fairer treatment for Native American tribes,’ among other issues.

He was among those denouncing the pension bills as unfairly targeting a worthwhile profession.

‘It’s the self-righteous stuff that is disappointing because many members have gone on to a legislative career to advocate for things they really care about.’”

“Fight for things they really care about” – like, in Moran’s case, their own bank accounts.

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