Jim Moran’s town hall – an evening of disrespect

UPDATE: Wayne Tunick, the 27 year Navy veteran who Jim Moran told to sit down or leave his town hall, appeared on Fox News’s Fox & Friends on Saturday morning to discuss the incident. Video below; if you haven’t seen the original, it is also below.

UPDATE: Moran’s office issued the following statement – “In the exchange, the Congressman thanked the gentleman for his military service, but firmly made clear that with so many people in line waiting to ask their questions, the town hall meeting was not going to be disrupted by people speaking out of order.” There were no more than five or so people in line waiting. The veteran was called on by Moran, asked a legitimate question, and objected when Moran said it wasn’t legitimate. He was not speaking out of order.

Jim Moran held a town hall meeting this evening regarding the possible government shutdown. The following video of a military veteran asking a question speaks for itself. Moran’s meltdown comes at 4:10.

After that, he refused to answer another constituent’s question about the debt.

Another constituent called out Jim Moran for disrespecting those two.

UPDATEHere‘s the WUSA 9 CBS video of the event.

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