Former Congressman Jim Moran attends Iran’s party celebrating 40th anniversary of Iranian Revolution

A reader tipped us off to a story in PressTV, an Iranian state-owned network, that reported our own former Congressman Jim Moran attended a party celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, which violently overthrew a U.S.-backed government and installed the theocratic regime we know today.

According to the story, the party was held at Iran’s de facto consul in Washington, which appears to refer to Iran’s “Interests Section” housed within the Embassy of Pakistan.

The story claims “around 100 people including diplomats, analysts and journalists attended the annual gathering,” but Moran is the only American named in the story as attending.

In the video, Moran is seen talking to an unidentified person who appears to be asking him about how to lobby Congress on an issue, then speaks to the camera. As the story reads:

Regarding Washington’s approach towards Iran, former Virginia liberal Democratic lawmaker Jim Moran who was in attendance at the annual event shared the same attitude as Atefat.

Moran who was in Congress for over 23 years said, “The Trump administration has pushed us in the wrong direction because the Iranians are not transactional people but they could be transformational in terms of the Middle East.”

“If there’s any real hope for sustainable peace in the Middle East, Iran is going to play a key role,” he said.

The headline of the article reads, “Iran marks 40th anniversary in US much to Bolton’s dismay”. It also refers to Iranian opposition groups pushing for regime change as “corrupt” and “traitors”.

Moran has long downplayed the threat posed by Iran, which has been listed as a state sponsor of terrorism since 1984. He has also been a fierce critic of Israel, which Iran has pledged to “wipe off the map,” and trafficked in the same anti-Semitic canards as the Iranian regime.

Supporting the Iran nuclear deal is a mainstream position, at least within the Democratic Party. But we cannot find any Democrats who are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the revolution that introduced another tyrannical, anti-American, terrorist government to the Middle East, except our own Jim Moran.

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