Out of Congress, Moran is trying to cash in – and help human rights violators

Jim Moran is no longer a member of Congress. Now he’s seeking big bucks.

The Sunlight Foundation reports that he’s gotten gigs with lobbyist group McDermott, Will and Emery; Massachusetts energy company Homeland Fuels; and the Assembly of Friends of Azerbaijan (AFAZ), a group that seeks to foster “friendship, understanding and cooperation between the United States and Azerbaijan”. A spokesman for AFAZ said Moran will “provide consulting and advising services to AFAZ in its activities in the United States.”

AFAZ is a U.S. based public relations arm of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, which is owned by the Azerbaijani government, according to the Houston Chronicle.

So Moran is basically working for a foreign state, one which has been flagged for human rights violations.

Human Rights Watch reports that the Azerbaijani government has been cracking down on free speech, arresting political opponents and journalists on bogus charges and breaking up peaceful protests. It has also been accused of torture and mistreatment of prisoners.

Straight from the halls of the United States Congress to the payroll of an anti-freedom foreign government? Certainly an interesting career path for Jim Moran.

It’s also interesting that he’s working for a domestic energy company that wants to reduce dependence on foreign oil and simultaneously working for a foreign oil company.

Apparently Moran will auction himself off to the highest bidder(s), no matter what they stand for.

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