The “conversation” that wasn’t

Last night was the first public forum of any kind Jim Moran has held in nearly two years. It was a forum entitled “A Conversation on Gun Violence in America” (an important topic, yes, but we haven’t been able to meet with him in a public forum in so long, aren’t there other issues like taxes, sequestration, and jobs that we should be talking about?). Moran spent the last half hour answering questions from citizens – minus the “answering” part. He rushed people through their questions, then gave a non-answer, answered a strawman, or just blatantly moved to the next person without any response. It was as far from an actual conversation as you can get. (Perhaps the evasion was a new anger management technique; we all remember the last town hall he held when he directly answered someone who disagreed with him.)

The first questioner, a young woman, asked Moran why he wasn’t pro-choice when it comes to self-defense for women, citing the example of a female college student in Colorado who was raped at gunpoint; the student had a concealed carry permit but wasn’t carrying her gun because the campus was a “gun free zone” (the rapist obviously didn’t heed that law). Moran blatantly ignored the question – he actually ordered his staff to move to the next questioner. Violence against women must be a sore subject for him. Video:

Here’s a compilation of Moran ignoring questions:

One constituent had to educate Moran on the Constitution:

Here’s the full video of citizens challenging Moran:


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