You decide

In 2010, we made an extensive and heartfelt appeal on why you should vote to Retire Jim Moran. (You can still read it, it’s all still relevant.) But we’re not going to do that this year. We just have a simple question that you need to ask yourself.

Jim Moran is corrupt. (Evidence)

Jim Moran is an embarrassment. (Evidence)

Jim Moran is a race-baiter. (Evidence and more evidence)

Jim Moran has no regard for his constituents’ opinions. (Evidence and more evidence)

Jim Moran is a loose cannon. (Evidence and more evidence)

Jim Moran is offensive. (Evidencemore evidence, and even more evidence)

Jim Moran is a political opportunist. (Evidence)

Jim Moran is uncaring about democracy and the rule of law (Evidence)

Jim Moran has no integrity. (Everything on this site is evidence of that.)

That’s who Jim Moran is.

Is that who you are?

Does Jim Moran really represent you?

You decide.

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