Discontented Democrats

We know you’re out there. And there’s a lot of you. And you’re not alone.

You’re disgusted by Jim Moran’s countless ethics violations and embarrassments. You don’t like him and you’re uncomfortable that he’s representing you in Congress. But you’re a blue-as-can-be Democrat. And you agree with most of Moran’s voting record. And you know Moran has a powerful position on the appropriations committee and seniority, so he can “bring home the bacon”. But you know you deserve better.

It’s time to say enough is enough. It’s time to say that Moran’s ethics violations and offensive comments have no place in the Democratic Party. It’s time to say we won’t stand for this kind of behavior.

But you can’t bring yourself to vote for a Republican. You just can’t.

But why not give it a shot? Take a shot with Patrick Murray, and worst case scenario, you can put up a Democrat against him who actually represents your democratic values in two years.

And there’s another alternative. Yours truly is going to catch a lot of flak for this, but it’s principles over party for me too. You didn’t hear it here, but there’s an independent on the ballot whose name starts with “Jason” and ends with “Howell”. And there’s also a blank line to write someone in.

So, to all you Democrats who know you deserve better – vote against Jim Moran. The best part is that in America, nobody will ever have to know how you voted.

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