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  • Rachel Perry

    I am a disabled Gulf War vet who requested immediate assistance when my health was in danger due to abuse suffered at a DOD school as a civilian as a result of triggered rape-related PTSD. I received NO ASSISTANCE. I lost my job, home, and now unable to work since 2010. Clearly Moran does not serve women veterans nor care about those currently suffering from rape-related PTSD. I regret voting for him and disappointed and disgusted this is the type of treatment constituents receive when requesting assistance.


    • Susan

      You’ve got an alternative to vote for this year to get Moran out – Bruce Shuttleworth, Navy veteran. From my understanding he’s working closing with groups specifically about PTSD issues. May want to contact him. Think you can on his website.


  • Garry

    Mr. Moran is an incompetant buffoon who needs to be sent to the unemployment line. As a lifetime resident of the Virginia 8th district, we really do deserve better. I will vote for his opponent in the primary and then vote for the republican candidate in November. Two opportunities to vote against Moran. Delightful


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  • Chris Bjornson

    Just saw Moran turn his back on our President, America and his district by voting to go over the fiscal cliff. I’m a Democrat. Time for all of us Democrats to turn our backs on Moran.