Morancare event on Sept. 16th

We might as well call the impending disaster known as Obamacare “Morancare” since Jim Moran has been not only a huge defender of the law but an offender too – by attacking anyone who opposes it. So it’s difficult to see what good will could possibly come out of this forum he has planned for September 16th (via

Congressman James P. Moran (D-8th) and a panel of experts will present a discussion on “Navigating the Affordable Care Act: Making Health Reform Work for You and Your Family,” Monday, Sept. 16 [from 7 to 9 pm] at TC Williams High School, 3330 King Street, in Alexandria.

Participants will learn how to navigate insurance options made available through the Affordable Care Act.

The Virginia insurance marketplace opens Oct. 1, with policies going into effect on Jan. 1, 2014.  For those currently uninsured, self-employed or paying high premiums in the individual insurance market or working without coverage in a small business, Moran points out on his congressional office Web site that it is important to learn about the health care options offered in the Virginia health insurance marketplace.

Following presentations by health insurance experts, the forum will include time for a question-and-answer period.

You can RSVP for the forum here on Moran’s congressional office Web site. For more information contact Outreach Director, Krysta Jones at

  • Jason I. Poblete (@JasonPoblete)

    Even if a potentially futile exercise, opponents of socialized medicine should show up for this event and make him answer serious questions.